The Half Cent Die State Book: 1793 - 1857
by Ronald P. Manley, Ph.D.

Edited by J.R. "Bob" Grellman, Jr.
300 pages, hardbound.
Published in 1998.

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This 300-page hardbound reference book was the winner of the 1999 EAC Literary Award and the 1999 NLG "Best U.S. Coin Book" Award. Edited by Bob Grellman, it is packed with new and updated information on all business strike half cent varieties. Separate obverse and reverse descriptions are provided for each die state. Also included are over 250 plated die states, emission sequence revision, rarity estimates, reverse rotation data for each variety, references to major copper sales, blundered edge examples, and more. Large photographs (3-inch diameter for varieties; 2-inch diameter for die states.)

$75.00 Postpaid (autographed on request.)

Ron Manley, EAC #3909
300 Turnberry Circle
Brentwood, TN 37027
E-mail: ronmanley@comcast.net

NOTE: Copies of this book are no longer available for sale from the author. Chris Victor-McCawley (CMccawley@aol.com) still has copies available as of April 2008.


  • Bill Eckberg writes:
    "This is an excellent volume. If you have any interest at all in die state analysis, half cent emission sequences or even excellent photographs of great copper coins, you need this book. It supplants Cohen in the way that Cohen supplanted Gilbert. It does not rehash the wealth of supplementary information in Breen, but it does correct a number of Breen's errors. It takes a rightful place with Gilbert, Cohen and Breen as an essential addition to the library of any half cent collector and a useful one for collectors of other series."
    -- Penny-Wise, July 1999, pp. 233-236.

  • www.coppercoins.com
    Rating: (highest rating)
    "WOW, if you are into half-cents this book is absolutely impossible to live without. The pictures are all 2 to 3 inches in diameter and very clearly shot. Attribution has never been easier. This work contains all recent discoveries since the Cohen book. You will [not] be disappointed no matter what the cost for this book!"

  • Numismatic Guarantee Corporation of America (NGC):
    "The excellence of both the text and illustrations in this volume, which uses Cohen's numbers, has increased the utility of the Cohen system and increased its popularity among half cent collectors."
    -- Coin World, September 9, 2002, p. 76.

  • Jeff Ambio of Heritage Insider magazine writes:
    "In addition to the fresh information that it presents on die states, die rotation, and rarity factors, The Half Cent Die State Book: 1793 - 1857 features exquisite photography that provides for ease of attribution. A blessing in disguise for professional numismatists, dedicated half cent collectors should also realize that Dr. Manley's book represents a labor of love by one of numismatics' newest scholars."

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